Vaught Genealogies


Killarney, Ireland photo by Courtney Graves

Our family knew very little about the paternal lineage of my maternal grandmother, Zephie Mae Vaught.  Her mother, Caroline Smith, was the daughter of Nancy Blagrove Lewis who descended from the Meriweathers and Lewis’ of colonial Virginia.  Her father, E.M. Vaught, was from St. Louis, Mo. and was the orphaned son of a German immigrant.  The Vaughts have been difficult to find, but, with the help of the thousands of documents available at, it seems apparent that he was the son of M.E. Voigt (Vaught) who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1840s and Sarah Jane Woolsey.  His father died in the Civil War, as a member of the 27th Illinois Regiment (the North).  His mother died when he was about 3, and he was raised by his grandmother Woolsey.  He came to Texas, alone, at about age 16, married Caroline Smith, and settled in Denton, Texas. 

Vaught pedigrees:

Smith pedigrees:

Edward M. VaughtVaught_files/edward%20vaught%20pedigree.pdf
Caroline SmithVaught_files/Caroline%20Smith%20pedigree.pdf
Caroline SorrellsVaught_files/caroline%20sorrels%20pedigree.pdf
Joseph Sorrells FamilyVaught_files/joseph%20sorrells%20family.pdf
John Baptiste LewisVaught_files/John%20B%20Lewis%20pedigree.pdf
Elizabeth HarveyVaught_files/elizabeth%20harvey%20pedigree.pdf
John Baptiste Lewis FamilyVaught_files/john%20b%20lewis%20family.pdf
John B. Lewis familyVaught_files/john%20b%20lewis%20family_1.pdf

Smith families:

Vaught families:

George L. Smith familyVaught_files/George%20L%20Smith%20family.pdf
Milton Lewis familyVaught_files/George%20L%20Smith%20family_1.pdf
Col. Nicholas Lewis familyVaught_files/Col.%20Nicholas%20Lewis.pdf
Christian Voigt familyVaught_files/Christian%20Voigt%20family.pdf
William A. Woolsey familyVaught_files/William%20A%20Woolsey%20family.pdf
Joseph Sorrels familyVaught_files/Joseph%20Sorrels%20family.pdf