This site is dedicated to research into my family’s history.  In the early 1990s, my mother and her five sisters went on a ‘quest’ to find out more about their family history.  As a result, they gave all their children a family ‘book’ with stories, photos and our family tree.  In 2009, I mentioned to my uncle on my father’s side that I was interested in genealogy.  He gave me a copy of years of genealogical research done by my great aunt Glessie.  I felt that it was incumbent upon me to do something with I began.

What you see on this website represents many years of research and much of it was not mine.  I constantly add and subtract information as it is verified (or not!).  If you have any questions, or additions, or comments, please let me know.  I take all comments seriously.   More recently, my parents agreed to take a DNA test for me -- in hopes that I could ‘verify’ our lineages through common DNA connections with distant cousins.  I am just beginning to sort through all the DNA matches that have suddenly appeared, but that is an ongoing project.

For more information on any of the names you find, please contact me.

-- Libby
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Killarney, Ireland photo by Courtney Graves