Hendricks Genealogies


Hendricks pedigrees:

Richard HardawayHendricks_files/richard_Hardaway_pedigree.pdf
Nina HendricksHendricks_files/Nina_pedigree.pdf
Moses Hendricks, JrHendricks_files/Moses_little_pedigree.pdf

Hendricks family members:

Moses Hendricks,Sr familyHendricks_files/Moses_Big_family.pdf
Moses Hendricks, Jr familyHendricks_files/Mose_Little_family.pdf
Milton CarrollHendricks_files/milton_carroll_pedigree.pdf
Melinda C. DerrickHendricks_files/melinda_c_derrick_pedigree.pdf
James Asbury HendricksHendricks_files/james%20asbury%20hendricks%20pedigree.pdf
James Asbury Hendricks familyHendricks_files/James%20Asbury%20Hend%20family.pdf
Grover Cleveland Hendricks familyHendricks_files/Grover%20C%20Hend%20family.pdf
Moses Hendricks Family Lineage Chart, proven by DNA testingHendricks_files/Lineage%20Chart%20Moses%20m%20Susanna%2007012011.pdf

Nina Hendricks, my paternal grandmother, was descended from Moses Hendricks, b. 1760, of Virginia who served in the Revolutionary War.  According to DNA testing done by the Hendricks family, the Moses Hendricks line is not connected to the Frontier Hendricks or the Pamunkey Hendricks; in fact, it doesn’t seem to be connected to any other Hendricks families in the U.S.  There are some records which seem to suggest that Moses Sr. was Danish. The Moses (b. 1760)  Hendricks line was in Pickens, South Carolina until moving to Texas in the 1850s.  Several descendants of Moses Hendricks, Jr. settled in the Anna, Texas area, just north of Plano, and there are still many Hendricks there, today.  Larkin Hendricks purchased land, and set a portion of it aside to serve as a cemetery so that “no Hendricks would lack  a burial ground”. 

My great aunt Glessie Hendricks did a great deal of research on this family during the mid-1900s.  We have a large number of family records for the Anna, Texas Hendricks.

Killarney, Ireland photo by Courtney Graves